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Drawing was always my passion.  When working in Chicago as a nineteen year old shorthand-taking secretary, I walked passed an office/art supply twice a day (to and from the train) and kept noticing the artist’s paint and paintbrush display in the window.   So one day I walked in and purchased a few oil paints, brushes and canvas and went home and started my first oil painting of a waterwheel scene.   
About that same time I enrolled at the Art Academy of Chicago for a drawing class conducted by Irving Shapiro.  A couple of years later I took another drawing class at Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana.  After deciding to major in elementary education, I chose several elective art classes at tat Indiana University, Indianapolis
I painted more oil paintings during the next few years but was also occupied with a job, marriage, children and finishing my undergraduate degree at Indiana University.  
When my children were in high school I taught kindergarten and obtained a master’s degree, with a reading endorsement, from Valparaiso University in IN.  After earning an endorsement in learning disabilities from VU and teaching children in grades1-5 with learning disabilities for over a decade I began painting again.
My interest in painting increased after retiring.  I enjoyed plein air painting at the Indiana Dunes National Park. My art was also influenced by my traveling to Europe, Asia, Central American, Cuba, etc.
The retirement years took me to Naples.   There I enjoyed plein air painting and continued my work in oil, pastel, mixed media, watercolor and acrylic.          My first juried artwork at The Von Liebig Art Museum  was a mixed media piece entitled, “Heart Song.”     Several other pieces have been accepted at The Von Liebig and in the Members‘ Gallery and I have had exhibitions [...]

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