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With a love for the outdoors, landscapes and animals, Marcia tries to find beauty in the everyday. She likes to showcase things we have seen so many times an often overlook.  It may be shadows, cattle in a field or an old rundown building that has been here many years and now has character.  She hopes that her art captures that beauty for others to enjoy.
Marcia has a degree in Advertising Design. She started in watercolor and still uses this for underpainting.  Now she works primarily in pastel, oil and acrylic.  She enjoys different characteristics about each medium and switches between them.
Recently Marcia has been exploring a new series she calls the "Survivor Series".  These pieces have been described as "Magic" and "Moody" but have a strength to them.  They usually include stormy cloud formations with a structure that is worn with character.  The paintings depict a life that has dealt with much but is standing tall and surviving.  They have a special color palette.  The three main colors represent types of cancer that Marcia has lived through.  Like the structures in her series, she has a little more character, but is standing strong.
Marcia's art can be found in collections across the country.

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