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I love it that you found me here.  Blessings to you on this special day.


Life is unpredictable.  So is the art I create.  The story of my painting is more about process than anything.  I might start by scribbling some words I've been thinking, or selecting a palette of previously painted tissue papers and serendipitous scraps.  The composition is deliberately formed, often using the rule of thirds, but I strive for overall balance and rhythm to make shapes and colors flow throughout.  Every work so far has had a significant evolution.  Many works grow from old paintings--as the entire background of a new painting, or reborn as small pieces of a new work using the texture and history of another time.  So, there is often an unconscious storytelling aspect to my art.   You can see hints of my background in folk art, a Midwestern family's passion for flight and travel, piano music playing too loud, too fast, and too late.  You may sense influences from the many miles and hours spent with children and grandchildren and all their activities; or from connections made with books and people.  You might even see frustrations and joys as I make my way in the universe. The layers of collage are exciting.  The first steps inform the outcome, but there is forgiveness, grace and myriad ways of getting there.

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