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Painting Plein Air has become my new passion, trying to communicate the sightsand sounds of the place. I want to capture that moment in time for all to enjoy.                                                     — Marcia Ballowe 


I was born in Washington and raised in Montana.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn't sketching.  On weekends our family would take a drive out in the backroads of rural Montana or to my grandmother's cabin on the lake.  I grew up with an appreciation for the un-peopled landscapes and found myself drawn to the morning and evening light enveloping the surrounding snow capped mountains.  
In college, I majored in Math but later switched to Architecture.  I still had the Math classes, but I got to draw and sketch. My career then detoured when I married and started a family. My husband gave me a set of oil paints for Christmas and that was the stimulus for my art journey. I began taking classes and workshops with several notable artists.  I studied in oils, watercolors, acrylics and pastels and I continue to work in all of these media, choosing the best medium to use to capture the quality of light and drama of a particular subject. I found inspiration in the landscape book of John F. Carlson and works of Wilson Hurley.
I realized that I could pass by certain vistas daily and they would seem rather mundane, but when the early morning light or the last rays of light hit the mountains the entire scene changed.  The landscape was the stage and the light was adding the drama.  That drama was what I needed to capture.  I wanted something more than an architectural record of the subject.  I needed to capture that drama and the feeling I had when I experienced it first hand.  
My mission is to express that joy I felt at that particular moment in time.  I invite you to share my visions and my journey.  
Painting Plein Air has become my new passion, trying to [...]

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