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I'm often asked "what kind of art do you do?"  This bio contains the essence of my art.   Please contact me for direct conversation about my thoughts and processes. 
Art Pluralism is a movement that is because artists now are attempting to develop their own styles with other masters as their influencers.  My art comes from my understanding of art history, cultural and social situations that in these times are volatile.  So many artists have inspired me and I will name a few modern day artists to that end.  One of my most admired artists is David Hockney, with Wayne Theibaud and Richard Mayhew not far behind.  I would be remiss not to mention Ai-Wei-Wei who encompasses the Social Art Movement of today.  I would not be where I am today however, without naming an important artist in my development.  Caroline Mustard is my mentor, instructor and friend, without whom my art would be stagnant.  
I view art as a way to connect to my environment, to share images of serene places and a feeling of timelessness.  In painting waterscapes, I am imparting a sense of calm to the viewer.  I try to create harmony with composition and form in painting landscapes, cityscapes and common objects found around me.  I invite the viewer through my paintings, to re-experience color.   I recently discovered digital art and love reinventing what I've created already as well as discovering new artistic expressions of abstract realism using my iPhone and iPad.  I welcome you on my journey as an artist in the Art Pluralism movement. Let the exploration begin!

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