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I am the third of three cousins named after our Sicilian Grandfather. My name is Manuel Balesteri.As my cousins and I got older it was becoming harder to tell who was being called at family gatherings. Hence, as I was the youngest I became Little Manuel. Big Manuel was the oldest. Blonde Manuel, well you see where this going…  It worked well as it defined our differences.  Back then I never dreamed I would become so completely fascinated with photography even though I did love my little Brownie camera.  Many years later, my wife Janie, surprised me with a 35mm camera.  From that point on I became addicted.
I was born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula where I spent most of my adult life as a wedding/portrait photographer with some commercial work sprinkled in.  It proved to be a good mix, and my business was very rewarding.
I always had a love for nature and spent as much time as my business would allow shooting sea otters, landscapes, colorful insects (ladybugs, bees butterflies, etc.).  I love bright colorful subjects and interesting perspectives.  The look you get with a very wide lens, a macro or telephoto, all give their own drama to each subject.  After moving to Maui in 2013 I started to include humpback wales and rainbows in my repertoire.  I also love shooting surfers now, too.
I have been lucky enough to live in two amazingly picturesque locations in my lifetime, and I have taken full advantage of the beauty they have offered me.  My work is represented in Pacific Grove, CA as well as Maui, HI.  I invite you to see my interpretation of the beautiful places I have been blessed to live, as well as some others I have been fortunate to visit.

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