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Manon Sander is a Florida-based oil painter who has taken it upon herself to savor all the flavors of life. Starting a new painting is like hearing the soft, welcoming jingle of the ice cream truck on a sweltering deep-summer day. The air is heavy with the anticipation of a sweet reward, and as the color melts from Manon’s brush onto that hungry canvas, she tastes the simple, joyous flavor of childhood, when life was lived not just to the fullest, but bursting at the seams.
Like a kid waiting for the ice cream truck to come jostling up the road, Manon never stands still for long on that hot, sun-soaked street, instead dancing from one painting to the next. In fact, when it comes to art, Manon is moving around so much she’s practically a blur.
Like her love for ice cream, her love for art started at a young age in her old stomping grounds of Bavaria and Berlin, Germany, and she has spent her life thus far travelling far and wide, letting the winds of chance carry her to live in Illinois, where she painted murals professionally, to California, where under the tutelage of some of the nation’s premier artists she found her contemporary impressionist style, and on to Florida, where she truly dove headfirst into her deep love for plein air painting. On top of that triple scoop of living locations, she’s had a generous helping of creatively-inspiring rainbow sprinkle travels that range from the wild Alaskan tundra and the scarlet vortex-soaked rocks of Sedona to the crumbling haunts of emerald Ireland and the sea-smattered cliffs of the Amalfi coast. But with local treasures like Naples, St. Augustine, Palm Beach, and Apalachicola so close at hand, Manon is more than happy to call Florida her home.
No matter where she [...]

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