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Born in the historic town of Bremen, Germany in 1954, his family moved to the UnitedStates in 1963 and settled in the Southern California town of Culver City. Although interested in Art since an early age, Manfred's real passion was architecture.  
Throughout his college years Manfred studied Architecture and Photography. Upon completing college in 1976, He pursued his love of architecture and worked for a renowned architect in Los Angeles. After several years of gaining experience designing houses and multi-family buildings, he soon grew tired of the office environment and joined forces with his brother's constructions company for the next ten years. He enjoyed designing and building houses with his brother Erwin. 
In 1989 he started his own construction company 'The Bauhaus Company' and has enjoyed his life designing and building custom houses throughout Southern California. 
During all this time of building houses and raising a family with his wife Margaret, Manfred's love of art has never diminished. As a self-taught painter, he spend all his free time developing his painting and drawing skills. His interest in old and historic buildings is very apparent in his canvases. 'Traveling throughout Europe and the United States are always very inspirational to me and I always look forward to be 'on the road again". 
Manfred and Margaret currently reside in Lake Oswego, Oregon
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