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Like so many fine seascape artists before him, Mahler was born to the sea from a long line of mariners that began with his grandfather, William K. Wood. William was the first American Captain of the Queen Mary luxury liner. In addition, Captain William "Pop" Wood was a New York Harbor-Sandy Hook Pilot. William's sons, and several of their sons, followed in Captain "Pop" Wood's footsteps. 
At 19, Mahler served shipboard in the United States Navy in the North China Sea & the Tonkin Gulf. The deep-blue hooked him. In off-times Mahler sketched and inked. An artist was born.
Mahler  pursued a career in Commercial Art at San Jose State University earning a B.S. in both Graphic Design & Illustration. , Mahler obtained his Masters Degree.  
 Mahler sought out workshops/classes across the country to hone his skills taught by professional artists/teachers:
Alan Wolton, Marylyn Simandle, Put Putnum, Scott Christianson, Edward Norton Ward and Mark Daily.
Serendipity brought Mahler to the Monterey Bay like Mahler's Seascape heroes from the past: William Ritschel, Alexander Dzigurski, Bennett Bradley, Armin Hansen, and Edgar Payne were drawn.  
Renaissance man Mahler, now also a designer and General Contractor, built his own home above John Steinbeck's Cannery Row. With the magnificent light from his ocean-view windows,  accompanied by the barking of the local sea lions and abundant nature of this paradise, Mahler  creates his art hoping to channel Ritschel, Payne and the rest as brothers in art and men of the Sea.

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