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as painted by Scott Campbell
Maggi was born in Bracebridge, Ontario and spent her formative years in an environment, lacking in aesthetics. Hungry for art and beauty, she was driven to develop her own inborn creative talent, bringing this passion to fruition in midlife, when she took up painting. Raised on farms in rural Ontario, it is understandable how the precious landscapes and nature’s magnificence has a particular calling in many of her art pieces.  Her paintings pull together a broad perspective at first glance. And yet as we are pulled into the scene, each brush stroke creates a tiny story she intuitively tells us about particular trees or streams or colours combined to form Earth’s beauty. 
It should be noted that her first creative outpouring is never the last. Maggi uses shadow and illumination to explore the "better" story - often sending choices via Facebook as she mulls over the final look of the work in progress. The later artistic blossoming of Maggi Olson is a delightful creative energy to be acknowledged and shared. This will encourage countless others to follow their own inclinations to awaken artistic talent...
In the early nineties, she was accepted into the now OCAD University where, as a mature student, she had the joy of taking classes alongside her daughter, who was also in attendance. When she subsequently moved to Vancouver, she was accepted into the now Emily Carr University where she took art courses at night. Throughout her working career, time permitting, Maggi studied with a long list of local, national and international instructors to help improve her craft and she has also taken part in a BMFA Juried Show and the Collingwood Art Crawl. In the spring 2020 she held a show for her abstract prints in Ajijic, Mexico, where her works are currently on display [...]

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