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My childhood near Washington, DC included so many trips to galleries and museums.  It set me up for a lifetime of artistic pursuit and appreciation.  I spent many years in Carlsbad, CA and moved to Albuquerque, NM in 2001.  I now live and paint in Portugal.
After a long hiatus from art I knew I wanted to pursue my creativity again.  So, in 2018 I decided to move to Portugal to travel, live simply and explore a more expressive style of painting unlike my past experience with realistic watercolors. I now spend most days in my studio working in acrylic, collage and mixed media on paper, wood or canvas.
I feel my personal vision emerging as I experience a new culture yet continue to have visions and hear the voices of the New Mexico culture that is never far behind.
My process is mostly mixed media including acrylic, collage, pastel, oil stick, pencil or inks applied as expressive marks and scribbles.  I often achieve texture using drips, scratching, pumice or dry brush techniques. Any tool or found object from screwdrivers, kitchen utensils or my bare hands are explored for the unique marks they make. Always, combined with paint, many beautiful marks and shapes appear and are covered over or scrapped away as layer after layer is built and covered again in a process that is both deliberate and intuitive.
As a piece progresses decisions become more thoughtful as I see a direction begin to evolve.  That is rarely planned ahead.  Forms, shapes, color and line then can become more deliberate to define the direction.   The final stage means every addition or subtraction has more purpose as fewer marks are added or changed.  I enjoy painting to avant-garde classical or Jazz music.  The unexpected elements of the music inspires an expressive and intuitive style.
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