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Nature is my biggest inspiration.  I am taken by beautiful sunsets, the abstract way light falls through a heavily forested riverbank, or the inside beauty of a dissected flower.  Science and anatomy are large parts of my inspiration and lead me to create fluid organic shapes and explore the use of unexpected color.  Point of view is a strong consideration for me given my illustration background and I observe things from all angles.  I particularly enjoy brilliant colors and work in a variety of media including, oil, pastel, watercolor, mixed media and printmaking.
     I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with a BFA in Communication Art and Design.  Illustration offered me the chance to spend day after day drawing the figure and interpreting many fables.  I don't make art to match your furniture, but if it happens, then that is a plus I suppose.  Many believe that an illustrator and a fine artist cannot coexist.  Proving the critics wrong is a personal choice. Storytelling through my art is what drives me on and I invite the viewer to look at my art and create his or her own story.
     My husband Steve and I currently make the beautiful historic town of Annapolis, Maryland our home.  We enjoy hiking, beaches, cooking and spending time with our daughter Erin, her husband, Jorge and our grandchildren, Tomas and Lucy. 

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