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Brilliant desert flowers blooming from a prickly cactus, the arid desert set against the backdrop of the surroundings mountains, in Tucson, these diverse elements go together naturally to make it one of the most spectacular settings in the West.
As the sun rises on another spectacular day in Tucson, Madeleine Shulman is once again grateful the beautiful place she calls home. Even though it's been many years since she left the snowy winters of Chicago for the Arizona desert, not a day goes by that Shulman takes the sunshine and beautiful surroundings for granted.  From the snow-capped mountains to the desert flora to the year-round opportunities for indoor and outdoor painting adventure, Madeleine finds the elements of Tucson work together to create one truly magical vista.
After years of raising a family and working, Madeleine now has time to follow her love of painting and drawing. Practicing drawing and painting  over 37 years of art classes as a hobby, she is now devoting every day to perfecting her craft.  Starting out in the beautiful setting of Aqua Caliente Park, continuing in Interpretive figure drawing with Michael Cajera at The Tucson Museum of Art and Pima College,  learning the emotional side of expression,  art workshops, and online art studies of various methods,  Madeleine is now freely expressing her own style. With her love of the Impressionists and bright colors she expresses herself with free and happy brushstrokes combining the best of all she learned.
Madeleine Shulman first started drawing when she was 10 years old and then became a normal teenager with other things to do.  After she was married with three children she became a color consultant with Color Me Beautiful.  A color consultant uses peoples' coloring to determine what color clothes look best on them.  In order to learn more about color, she renewed [...]

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