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Lynn Yoder, who is an artist and picture framer, has been creating art since childhood. He received his BFA degree in painting and graphic design from Frostburg State University in 2002. After spending a number of years as an art teacher, illustrator, and portrait painter, Lynn bridled his career for health reasons. Ironically he believes this time has made him a better artist. He is learning to appreciate each moment and to be more fully present, whether painting or otherwise. He paints in oils a few hours per week as his health allows. Occasionally he paints commissioned work, but enjoys the simplicity of studies and plein air work. Much of his work evokes quiet or peaceful emotions perhaps tied to his melancholic personality, quiet lifestyle, and Christian faith. Religious themes are a natural expression for him. Lynn gained an understanding of light and color in workshops taught by Douglas Flynt. He found that areas of a form which angle away from the light appear to be darker and grayer versions of colors of the form facing toward the light. Lynn has attempted to apply this knowledge to painting subjects where multiple light sources and reflected lights of differing temperatures add variables. Outdoor lighting is a prime example. Lynn believes his knowledge of light and color will be helpful for interested art students. He plans to begin teaching again in the near future. Currently he is the custom picture framer at Whispering Pines Furniture of Springs, Pa. He resides in Cumberland, Md.
-BFA (Painting, Graphic Design) Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD, 2002
-AA (Fine & Performing Arts) Garrett College, McHenry, MD, 2000
-Ten Day Portrait Painting Workshop, Douglas Flynt, Ft. Myers, FL, 2011, 2012
-Weekly Classes, Christine Lashley, Yellow Barn, Glen Echo, MD, 2019
-Annual Juried Competition, Philip Dressler Center for the Arts, Somerset, PA, 2005, 2007, [...]

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