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ARTIST BIOLynn Welker is a mixed media painter who invents abstracted landscapes combining elements from the past and present. Through the spontaneous use of texture and color she leads the viewer on a seductive path of discovery.
As a former resource specialist designing educational materials, Welker continues to be driven by the need to innovate. Without a preconceived notion of how a painting will look, she allows her imagery to gradually emerge. She paints intuitively, looking beyond the surface, reaching deeper, exploring the effects of erosion, sedimentation, weather and the passing of time.
Growing up in Ohio, Lynn fondly remembers the freedom to explore nature in nearby woods and farmlands. After earning her BFA, BS and MA, this connection to the natural world has remained a primary inspiration. Moving to California expanded her artistic expression to include western landscapes. From desert vistas, to seaside villages, Welker emphasizes the structural geometry of and within an invented backdrop.
Blending the familiar with the unexpected, Welker shifts importance, if only briefly, from a world of technology to one that reconnects people to the richness of the land and its communities.
National Watercolor Society Signature Member  •  Watercolor West Juried Member
International Experimental Artists Associate  •  American Women Artists Associate   

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