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          Art has always been a means of exploration for me.  As a child I had a sense that there was more to the world than what we perceive, an expansive feeling of being at home in the world, belonging to it.  The drawing process was a natural way to live in that space.           
          It was fascinating that the 3 dimensional reality could be recreated on a 2 dimensional page, that the rules were flexible and the world we know is best recreated through a process of seeing beyond it. 
            My work tends towards realism, using reality as a departure point into abstraction and paradox.  I follow light, looking for the underlying patterns, relationships and interconnections, repetition of shape and balance of opposites that build the world as we see it.  Regardless of subject I try to express the life behind it.
           My focus eventually became the process itself and how an artist's view of reality reflected that of modern physics.  I realized that my explorations of reality fit the modern physics worldview of reality as a no boundary interconnectedness of relationship in which apparent duality is actually a unity, and separate, solid objects are not separate, not solid and not objects. 
          I also found that my search for underlying connections fit a science approach called ' the search for symmetry'  - a way to look beyond superficial differences that hide underlying similarities.  Symmetry also means unity and beauty which is my purpose creating art as well as the basis of art/ design principles. 
          Eventually I turned this into my own form of  'grand unification' of - our biological and cognitive design; the disciplines( art, science, math, language, etc.);  the world and natural processes.           
         After receiving a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, I did freelance work in [...]

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