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Welcome to my Treehouse Art Studio where I paint memories of special moments so they can be kept to enjoy and not fade away with the passing of time.  Having deep roots in Mobile, my acrylic paintings focus on times and places known by Mobilians and those who have visited our unique city. Captured in a piece of art, a montage of Mobile attractions, lighthouses in Mobile Bay or scenes from our biggest celebration, Mardi Gras, provide a keepsake near and dear to the hearts of everyone who loves Mobile.
Being a native Mobilian, I feel a strong connection to the sights and sounds of our city.  Mobile is an artist’s paradise offering a variety of subjects from historical buildings to coastal scenes, beautiful landscapes and fun celebrations. When I finish a painting I feel that I know the subject personally, whether it’s the historical significance, the smell of the Bay or Gulf waters, or the excitement of a Mardi Gras parade rolling through the streets.  If you have had similar feelings I hope my paintings take you back to those moments.  Also, if you happen to see a dog or cat in some of my paintings, it is most likely one of mine.  I have rescued many and they thank me with unconditional love.    
I studied art at the University of South Alabama and through private instructors, classes and workshops.  The highlight of my art instruction was studying mosaics at the Mosaic Art School in Ravenna, Italy.  Learning is a lifelong process enabling me to evolve and create my own artistic fingerprint.
A highlight along my artistic journey was learning that my painting of  “Lighthouses in Mobile Bay” was used on the brochures and promotional posters for the Alabama Lighthouse Association.  Another highlight was being a member of Cathedral Square Gallery, which [...]

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