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Lynn is a self taught artist with a formal education in theatre arts and child development. She has had many different jobs and interests and considers her art-making a culmination of them all. She studied drawing, watercolor and oil painting at Gage Academy in Seattle, and has taken extensive additional classes and workshops from sought out and accomplished instructors. Her watercolor portraits show influence from teachers Ted Nuttall and Charles Reid, and her more current plein air and landscape pieces from teachers Dan Schultz and Mary Gilkerson. Lynn resides with her husband Steve, and is lucky enough to live in and have studios in both the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. 

Her work resides in private collections and has been shown in juried shows at Northwest Watercolor Society and the Evergreen Association of Fine Arts.
Artist Statement
I have never felt complete unless I was expressing myself in some creative way, whether it be finger painting in childhood, oral interpretation of literature as a teenager, theatrical improvisation as a young adult, or drawing and painting in my adult years. I have always been obsessed with color and I have long been fascinated by human anatomy, body language and all the nuances of expression on a human face.
These interests first led me to the challenge of painting figurative work and portraits. How is it that the slightest change in line or shape of a shadow or the upturn of a lip can completely change a person’s expression? How is it that such a slight change can affect what we think of the countenance in a face looking back at us?

In my portraits, I delight in trying to capture and convey what I feel is the essence of a moment of humanity. I am not one to do quick sketches. In watercolor, I spend many hours [...]

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