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I grew up in Houston, Texas, and never left the state until I was an adult.  After my two youngest children were born, my husband and I led a gypsy-type life, moving every year or two following his work, and sometimes just for the adventure of it – both overseas and in the States.   Even when the kids were little and wherever we lived, I have always painted or engaged in some type of creative activity.   My formal art training consists of numerous classes at community colleges in Texas, Oregon, and Washington state.  I have also studied with some wonderful artists, including Virginia Campbell (my first teacher), Jack Hines, Jessica Zemsky, Butch Krieger, Susan Ogilvie, Bob Burridge, and others.  All of them continue to inspire me in many ways.  I taught art workshops to adult beginners through Leisure Learning Unlimited in Houston, Texas for many years.  Helping others to grow and find inspiration in themselves through art continues to be one of my greatest pleasures.
Much of my work  explores and pushes the boundaries of abstract experimentation. I focus on ways to express the different "seasons" in the circle of life through the use of symbolism, texture and color; thus, the symbolism I find in candles, dragonflies, ravens, rust, etc.  Art is a journey and the road I travel will always be reflected in my work.  
For many years I painted in oils, pastels and gouache.  I still occasionally paint in oil, but I have been enamored with acrylics for many years now. The versatility of acrylics inspires me to explore its many techniques and avenues of expression.   I'm always thinking about my next project.  
AcrylicWorks6 - Chosen as a participating artist in the book AcrylicWorks6, coming out in March 2019
Conroe Art League - Art Demonstration - 2017; Taught ongoing class at Conroe Art League 2017
Hobby Lobby, [...]

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