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  • Price Range: $30.00 - $350.00
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I worked twenty-five years as a graphic artist/art director for an Ad Agency in Sacramento. My paintings have been accepted into many competitions. I have my own studio in Citrus Heights, Calif., and participate in the Autumn Art Tour and will be in the Art Studio Trek in April.  I’ve had shows at the Auburn City Hall, Auburn Library, Latitudes Restaurant (Auburn), Foothills Lighting and Design (Auburn Art  Walk), Depot Bay Coffee Co. and Sunset Whitney Country Club (Rocklin) and participated in the Maidu Center Art shows in Roseville, Calif.
I basically started out doing watercolor only. I learned all the basic fundamentals and got to where I could work well from my photos.  As time has gone by I slowly needed more from my art then watercolor could do for me. I became interested more in texture and being able to feel the paint and see the brush strokes more, so I switched to acrylics. Acrylics are so versatile and fun to work with. The acrylic medium has lead me in the direction of experimental art. I love mixed media and trying new ideas and techniques to create texture. 
Whether it's painting or digital painting, which I am presently producing a lot of, the joy in my work comes from the process of creating it. From the blank piece of paper or canvas to the preplanning and visualization of the subject, the color choices, composition, paint application, and problem solving, all the steps in the process, is the challenge.  And if all the pieces come together to meet my visualized idea that’s the reward. If in the end the project pleases me that’s satisfaction. If it doesn’t, I work on figuring out how to make it work and hopefully learn something that will carry over to the next project.  As far as [...]

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