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My paintings reflect several different artists within. While I often strive for the details of realism, I also embrace more abstract interpretations with no subjective reference. Other artists’ work has influenced both process and style: Susie Capolla has encouraged free brushstrokes; I admire Caroline Jasper’s careful execution, and Robert Burridge’s layers and abstraction.
Viewpoint is particularly important as I decide what and how an idea is developed. I often start with photographs taken from various angles and pick views that have interesting compositions for inspiration. I strive to bring a fresh look at world around us—often to make the insignificant significant, or to choose subjects that might be described as “past prime”, to emphasize the beauty of maturity.  
My early work focused on soft sculpture and fibre art and I have in recent years, returned to the idea of exploring patterns and textures—in both choice of subject and use of media. Even ordinary rocks become subjects of interest. Beyond pattern and texture, I am particularly drawn to complementary colours, as displayed in leaves and plants that flourish in different parts of the world, zeroing in on interesting details, which become their own one-of-a-kind nature-scapes. 
As a lover of texture, I often combine layers of printed-paper and use acrylic glazes to accentuate patterns in nature. Some subjects lend themselves to coloured grounds, which are incorporated into the forms. Found pieces of bark and similar “bits” provide a starting place for never ending exploration. Regardless of subject or process, my aspiration is to look at unusual things with unusual eyes. 


Hailing from three generations of North Vancouverites, Lynda is firmly rooted in the North Shore community of Vancouver, Canada. She attended the University of British Columbia to become a teacher. In senior years, influenced by courses in Art Education, it became clear that this was the area she wanted to concentrate on. While teaching art in North Vancouver high schools, around raising a young family, she continued studying and earned a Masters of Art Education in 1980. As a new high school Art curriculum came to B.C., she became a consultant visiting many BC school districts to introduce the new structure and focus to fellow professionals and administrators.
As life sometimes provides events that are not planned for, Lynda had an abrupt change of career and managed her family’s construction businesses, which led to a leadership position involving the education of building trades apprentices and training other workplace professionals. As a leading edge initiative, creativity was a constant. With working life behind her, Lynda has returned to painting with intensity and focus. 
Curriculum Vitae
Masters Degree, Art Education, University of British Columbia, 1980
Solo Exhibitions 
Leaf Life, Jericho Art Center, Vancouver 2015
Professional offices, North and West Vancouver 2017, 2018
Selected Group Exhibitions 
Annual International Representational Exhibition, Federation of Canadian Artists, Juried, 2020
Honourable Mention Award for Summer's End
Scenes from Western Canada, Federation of Canadian Artists, Juried, 2020
Small Art Exhibition, Federation of Canadian Artists, Juried, 2020
The Vancouver Salon, Federation of Canadian Artists, Juried, 2020
Painting on the Edge, Federation of Canadian Artists, Juried, 2020
Art Under the Arbor, North Vancouver, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 
North Shore Artist Guild, Annual Spring and Winter Shows, 2015 – Present
Creatively Local, Ferry Building, Juried, West Vancouver 2018
Harmony Arts Festival, Juried, West Vancouver 2016, 2017,2018  
North Shore Unitarian Church, West Vancouver 2014, - Present
Art Walk, Venus Studios, Palm Desert California 2014
Artist in our Midst, Round House, Vancouver 2013 
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