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Had whipped cream been a viable and more permanent art medium, I may have discovered my artistic talent early on, however, I discovered watercolor painting as an adult or at the very least a more mature person than the 3-year old whose art was wiped up off of the refrigerator and tidily washed away.  (I did get to enjoy licking up some of my masterpiece before it disappeared, but have shown no further signs of wanting to eat my art medium.)  Although this has been done by some of the masters, I don't have any such dillusions in thinking this may improve my artistic skills in any way.
I rediscovered any underlying talent when struck with a life-altering illness.  Bedridden, I picked up a watercolor brush and began to paint from bed.  As I tapped into my creativity, I started seeing the world differently.  I was reminded of those carefree childhood days and a deep sense of gratitude for life and family stirred within me.  I began to express myself through painting.  Art was just the therapy I needed!  I was on the road to recovery with a newfound passion for painting that has never left!
Life hands each of us unusual situations and challenges to deal with.  We often become unduly burdened with problems or pressures in this life.  My style of painting, the bold, bright colors I use, and the feelings they evoke are centered around the "joy" of this challenging but wonderful life we share.  They are a reminder of the sense of humor, the  innocent, the joy of a new day, and the fun-loving whimsy that lies within each of us.
They express my gratitude for nature, family, and the simple, meaningful moments in life.  They often represent fond memories of childhood and cherished memories with my own children and grandchildren.  I am a colorist.  I love painting curvy, quirky or funky buildings, [...]

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