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I guess it all started as a child...the best I can remember! I've always loved to draw with pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, I've tried it all.  I always felt I had a gift for drawing but never pursued painting until around 2010...again, the best I can remember! As a birthday present, I received a $50 watercolor set, some cheap brushes, and a pad of paper and started my painting journey. Our community fine arts center offered watercolor classes for beginners so I signed up. I watched youtube after youtube and painted everything that caught my eye. I also attended some excellent workshops given by different artists that I admired. I was fortunate to take a workshop from the late Charles Reid and more recently from Ted Nuttall. Ted's workshop is where I attribute much of my success (personal success I must say) as I learned so much about composition and how to embrace the way I painted without becoming "like" anyone else.
I am a blueberry farmer, so several months out of the year, my brushes are dry and the studio light is off....but after harvest is when I become fully emersed in what I truly love. Painting subjects that have a story to tell, or ones that just touch your heart, that is my passion. If I can convey that feeling to the viewer of my painting...that is my personal success!!

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