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  • FASO Artist Website: http://lylajacobsen.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Lyla developed a close connection with nature, the weather, growing up on Alberta prairies.

  • Subject matter ranges from NW Beach scenes to landscape and florals, impressionistic style.

  • She is enjoying the journey of exploring abstract works, working in oils but mostly acrylic.

  • Price Range: $285.00 - $3,000.00


Growing up on the Alberta Prairies was the beginning of a close connection to nature, leading to the fun of capturing 
nature on canvas, for Lyla.
Art appreciation at the one room country school she attended was a small packet of postcard paintings of the noted Canadian "Group of Seven" artists. A.Y. Jackson was her favorite. Thus was the beginning of her artistic journey
with the encouragement of a teacher and her mother.  She, many years later did meet A. Y. Jackson at Port Radium, NWT, Canada. He was there on a plein air excursion.
Retiring from a Nursing Career allowed time to return to painting after many years of setting it aside. Joining Evergreen Association of Fine Arts was a turning point in finally getting back to painting.
STATEMENT: My medium is primarily acrylic, occasionally returning to oils. Subject matter ranges from Northwest
Beach scenes to landscape and florals in impressionistic style. I am intrigued with abstract work, and  very much enjoying the journey of that genre. Figures are very often incorporated in my work.
I am often told that my paintings tell a story. I intend them to do that.

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