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As a child, I was fascinated and awestruck by the natural world around me. The birds at our feeders brought forth great adoration and excitement in their wild beauty. Little did I know, this would be the foundation of a life’s path. 
 After receiving my BFA from the Ohio University, I migrated south to Georgia and joined a Nature Center working in wildlife rehabilitation. Not only did the work with animals provide me with many wonderful opportunities to be close to wildlife, that is the location where I met my husband who happens to be a professional bird guide.
Coupled, we migrated to the artist town of Bisbee, AZ, by the recommendation of a friend. There we immersed ourselves in the art, birds and Arizona High Desert/Sky Island life.  I began to participate in bird banding and bird surveying projects, and all the while I painted. For a couple of years I had a small artist consignment shop where I sold artwork made by locals as well as my own. A total of 10 years my husband and I lived there. But the songbirds of the east were calling us back. In fact, family was in need so we migrated back east to Asheville, NC for 5 years. We loved the mountain coves of the Appalachian Mountains with diverse flora and fauna to discover and rediscover. There, I played with new and inventive art styles. I expanded my own interpretations of animals with the plants around them, staying true to the perfection of nature while adding my own whimsical layer, that I cherish.
Now we are back in the Southwest, in New Mexico. We reside in between Santa Fe and Albuquerque where we have the necessary amenities, but have the Oak Juniper/Pinon habitat that I adore, and all of the wildlife that resides in it.
I have created much [...]

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