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Lu Zheng, was born in Beijing, China and migrated to the United States in 2009. He started pencil sketching at a young age and knew early on that his professional path would be a blend of his love for art with a connection to nature. He came to the US to pursue his master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. As a landscape architect, Lu works on both domestic and international projects and continues to enjoy his job. Until a family vacation to Italy four years ago sparked his interest in painting, Lu had never painted expressively in watercolor. After that trip, he took Michael Holter and Dan Marshall’s workshops and learned a great deal from those two amazing artists. He says that he loves watercolor for its spontaneousness, the quick and effective way it can capture mood and atmosphere, and its ability to express the intangible, illusion, movement, and the energy of the space. He relies on watercolors to express his feelings while continuing to respect his source of inspiration. He hopes that all that will be conveyed to the viewers through his artworks.Most often, Lu paints local scenery, especially urban life and nature with an emphasis on light and atmosphere. He says he tries to reveal the hidden beauty of our surroundings and tell stories about the lives of people and places in an artistic way. Making art and celebrating nature have always inspired him, but he is also drawn to painting Texas rural life and prairie landscapes because they offer enormous opportunities to create moody watercolor paintings. Lu has two goals for painting. First, he wants to use his drawing skills to promote sketching within his profession. Second, he wants to teach watercolor workshops and share his tips and tricks. Like everyone else, he struggled with watercolor at the beginning [...]

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