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"The completion of a painting happens only after sharing it with another."


Drawing at an early age, Luverne's journey into the world of fine art was inevitable. Relocating with her family to Nevada and finding painting as a means to express her impressions of the western splendor was her destiny. An increased awareness & appreciation of the American West and its people, the "tepee" symbol (a Native American tent-like dwelling) is included with her signature on her artwork."Nature is the best teacher in art .. observe the light effect in nature and the answers will be there". These words are a constant reminder as Luverne paints en plein air. The challenges nature presents are varied and inspirational. From her home on the eastern side of the Sierras, there are numerous painting choices from mountains to high desert -- both equally picturesque. Travels to the "red rock & sage green" of Utah, Arizona & New Mexico to the "rocky peaks and expansive meadows" of California, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho & Montana have expanded her passion in portraying the West."Brushstrokes of color are an artist's signature". Whether Luverne is painting in the studio or en plein air, attention to depicting an idea or mood is accomplished by capturing the essence of light through color, value & shapes.Luverne's passion for fine art inspired her to become involved as an instructor of oil & soft pastel painting. She instructs workshops & presents programs for various art organizations. Her knowledge in painting is based on studies with renowned artists  Camille Pzewodek, Stephen Quiller, Keith Ward, George Strickland, Bob Gerbracht and Urania Tarbet. "I will forever be a humble student of life & art, as each day is a new beginning".........................Luverne
Best of Show 2018, LAC, ACR Gallery, Reno, NV
Best of Show 2016, LAC, NV Historical Society Museum, Reno, NV
Boldbrush Competition, FAV15% March 2016 (The Scot)
Boldbrush Competition, FAV15% March 2016 [...]

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