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"Oh, I understand! ... And, if the office at Douradores street means to me life, this second floor, where I live, in the same Douradores street, means to me Art. Yes, Art, that lives in the same street of life, but in a different place. Art relieves us from life, without relieving us from living which is so monotonous than the proper life but just in a different place. Yes, this Douradores street brings all the meanings of things, the solution of all mysteries, except for the existence of mysteries in which, in these case, has no solution." Bernardo Soares (F. Pessoa) edited


Luiz Henrique da Rocha Azevedo was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1955 but living in Petropolis his childhood and adolescence, he early developed an appreciation for drawing, sustained mainly on the  comics illustrations made by Alex Raymond, Harold (Hal) Foster or  Ray Moore.During the 1970's this appreciation extends to oil painting as his  first works arose under the guidance of a lovely lady, Dona Marina, as he so called her. It was in the afternoon of his youth, among his circumstantial friends, that his figurative painting would be born. His painting  gives way  to  his chosen profession for over 23 years until it regains its place. But his need for getting his old suitcase back would return and he would work on what made him feel good. He attended  classes of important national artists ( José Geraldo Fajardo and Renato Ferrari ) where he learned and matured not only his technical, related initially to the Flemish school of Rembrandt and Ruisdael, the Spanish painter Meléndez but also  his appreciation for the Impressionists. He was not just chasing the search for technical improvement but also a thematic identification that could give him both a private and plural sense  to his manifestation. It was not an easy task, but in this process,  he gathers up to a state that makes him good: concerned about the lines, the shadows, the harmony between lines and colors, he feels at home. His old home. Over the years, he took part  in exhibitions and held a solo. Currently continues to develop his art, becoming more personal.
Nowadays his works can also be found in sites of fine art like premizez.com/luiz-henrique-azevedo“Even if my lines never become printed,They will have their beauty, if beautiful they are.But they cannot be beautiful and left aside to be printed,Because the roots may be [...]

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