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     Welcome to my website, my name is Luis Ngchong J.r. I am a artist from Miami ,FL.  The reason for this website is for the readers like you to buy, or to look at my artwork. If you have any comments please let me know you can  e-mailing me. 
     The first time I discovered  that I could  draw I was very young age of six. That's when I knew that art  was my favorite hobby ,and later a career. I went to the performing arts ,and art high school in New York City. My major was in fine art.  I also was a student in  art school in Cincinatti, OH. I am a   self taught artist. I tried to get into the other fields in art for example magazines(caricartures), book publishing(comic books, and children books) greeting cards, and fine art.  I tried and had no luck but my family and friends told me that I should try to be a entreprenuer, and work for myself. That's why I am selling the paintings myself and I been successful.  The medium I use are pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, pen and ink and watercolor,and oil.  The subjects I paint are portriats, animals, figurative, sports, landscapes, nudes,  and a many more .  I also do commission paintings. Right now I have new painting and drawings subject is landscapes and a new collection titled experimental styles. This collection is about trying out new styles.     Very soon I will have new  artwork  displayed as well . The new   collection coming soon.  The artwork will be in many mediums.   I will let you know when, I will display them.   
   If you want to buy artwork, please let me know. I will give you instruction, on how to buy artwork from me.  All you have to do is call, or e-mail me.  I do eccept payments by credit cards, or money orders, personal checks.   I perfer credit cards is best for faster [...]

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