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I hope my passion for painting landscape and its precious wildlife can awake a compassion in others to do what they can to help preserve all its riches.


Nature's beauty continues to amaze and inspire me. Even just a peek into our own backyard can yield a moment of reprieve from our hectic lives. Through my paintings of landscape and wildlife, it is my desire to help all of us take more moments to appreciate our natural surroundings outdoors and take in what it all has to offer: peace, beauty, restfulness, an awareness of the nuances in nature, an awareness of the exquisiteness of a landscape painting or a depiction of wildlife through oils and pastels. What a great service we are doing for ourselves when we collect our first piece of original art or add to the already coveted collection within our own home. 
Someone said to me once..."you are an artist and a musician before you ever pick up a paintbrush or an instrument."
For decades, my potential as an artist laid silent from lack of encouragement during my younger days. Although through my early adulthood and on, I was living and working within some artistic environment, I felt I was existing on the fringes of a deeper commitment to my God-given artistic potential and abilities. When the occasion of a milestone birthday approached, something began to fester... a deeper call from the forgotten spirit of a young teenage girl who wished to become an artist.
These last few years, just as important and significant, is me raising my own child and immersing him in the beautiful landscape, nature, and wildlife of Colorado...his wonder and excitement at nature is infectious! So, it seemed natural that my desire to learn to paint was married to the subject matter I enjoy depicting today.
It is my mission to share my love of painting with you through utilizing all that I have painstakingly studied, labored over, and learned from some of the top artists [...]

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