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Lucile Wedeking (b.1981) is an artist and archivist based in Stamford, Texas. A native Californian, raised in San Francisco and Santa Barbara, her love of art and history has taken her on a diverse course that includes a decade spent as a designer in New York’s fashion industry and another as a librarian, museum director, and archivist working with historical ranching collections in rural West Texas. Though she became professionally trained in the classic fundamentals at the Parsons School of Design in New York, she is completely self-taught in oil painting and has made it her primary focus since 2009. Her work hangs in private collections across America, as well as in Europe and Australia.
Lucile describes her work as “Old West meets New West” and combines a modern dreamscape of color interpretation with historical imagery and stories pulled from her archival treasure hunts.

“My love of painting cowboys began quite subconsciously while working as an archivist in early ranching photograph collections. As with film negatives, years of archival digitization has led to these artfully captured images burning their impressions into the back of my mind. Over time this exposure has developed more distinctly with these characters riding through vividly painting my dreams. And so, here we are now getting them out on the canvas. It's become a great adventure deciphering the history and tall tales surrounding these legendary real-life working cowboys, what an honor it is to give a little more color to these long-gone characters and pay homage to their legacy by sharing their stories with new audiences through these paintings.”

In addition to painting, she enjoys time spent raising Brangus cattle with her husband and family on their West Texas ranch.

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