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The first stage of my life was figuring out what the heck I was put on earth to do. That took me from Michigan to Baltimore, then to Boston and finally Keene, New Hampshire. Like many artists, I wasn't sure I was good enough to actually be one.
Then came motherhood. Wanting so much for my children--wanting them to be fearless in life, to be their authentic selves--made me realize I should want that for myself, too.  How else would they know what that looked like??
That gave me the courage to be the artist I'd always dreamed of being.
Starting at the beginning for inspiration and direction, I focused on the cave of Lascaux, in France--the earliest art known to us when I studied art history in college. The mystery of the painted images there, and their power, echoed so many questions in my heart. I began to explore those questions.  Little Lascaux horse buttons of polymer clay adorned my earliest fiber pieces.
I started with the Lascaux cave--and I never left.
As I evolved as an artist, the stories of the cave grew and evolved, too. Those images of running horses are still the heart-stone of my work.
Then came the life-learning-stage. Being an artist helped me be a better mom, a better martial artist-wall climber-horse rider-writer, a better person in general. And vice versa. 
Still learning. Still loving what I do. Still loving what people say about my art.
"Luann's creations speak a special language. When you find one that speaks to you, you must buy it. I have two of her larger, Shaman necklaces and they will always be my favorite pieces. Spiritually, they represent a connection to a long ago past and they’re beautiful. Always receive many compliments on them."
Suzanne W.
"I couldn't resist this little fox! Luann's work is an elegant nod to our [...]

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