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Lou Stanley didn’t go to art school and dissect cadavers. Stanley worked at a boatyard and dissected boats with everything from a chainsaw to a set of dental tools. And then helped put them together, finally applying museum-quality paint and varnish finishes. 
It is this insistence on learning from life and working from muscle memory which informs and distinguishes Stanley’s unique approach to creating paintings. Largely self-taught, Stanley credits workshops with Don Demers and Joe Paquet as having provided pivotal early support in what Stanley sees as a life-long undertaking. “I believe learning and growing as an artist is an ongoing process across disciplines. The only place I believe art and work and life are truly separate is on paper,” notes Stanley. 
“Lou’s work shows a particular interest in the creation/understanding of personal and cultural history through a reconstruction of meaning and memory deeply rooted in a sense of place, … a quality connected to her desire to learn from the concrete, the daily, the present,” observed Gloria Biamonte, one of Stanley’s faculty supervisors at Hampshire College.  Another mentor, Wisconsin Death Trip author Michael Lesy, noted Stanley is “best defined as a person of sufficient heart, mind, stamina and eloquence to pay homage to a particular world … fierce and bitter, tender and resilient.”
Working with oils, painting mostly outdoors, Stanley favors strong designs expressed with an empathic hand. Stanley’s world as observed and portrayed radiates redemptive possibility, in spite of some very deep dark corners. 
Stanley was born on Gotts Island, Maine, in 1973. Living in Kentucky, Texas and Maine before attending Hampshire College, in Amherst, Massachusetts beginning in the fall of 1990, Stanley stayed on the move after graduating and went on to live the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina before moving to New York City in the fall of 1997. Stanley [...]

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