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After more than forty years as an artist, my art is now focused on a new path.  Therefore, and this may sound strange to some, I have archived my older works of art, and I’m restarting with a refreshed excitement.I am doing this, not because my older works of various subject matter such as animals, landscapes, and still life were not good, or enjoyable to paint.  They were, and I still enjoy viewing those types of subjects that other artists produce, but I no longer feel led to paint them myself, except as exercises.  It’s a God thing.God has pointed me in a new and exciting direction, and I want to express that through my art and song writing talents and abilities. At the moment, this website is about my art, and I will introduce my songs at a later date.So currently, I’m starting to produce a series of oil paintings utilizing and honoring women, along with some children, to depict Biblical concepts, as well as single words found in all cultures around the world.  These include love, joy, praise, worship, songs, singing, redemption, hope, and other positive thoughts.The first painting in my series, the one you see on my site, is called "HIS Life for Mine”.  It's about redemption.  In some sense, I believe everyone wants to be redeemed from something.The painting I am currently working on is called”The Power Of Answered Prayer”.  I’m producing this one, because God answers all prayers, and I wanted to express that visually somehow.As I progress in creating these various works of art, you will notice they all have to do with being positive and having an attitude of gratitude.  Living with an attitude of gratitude brings joy, appreciation, love, better health, and a multitude of other great things into one’s life. It's hard [...]

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