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Mr. Bording, a native of San Francisco, received his art degree from Skidmore College,New York State. He has had solo and group shows in both New York and California. His work has been described as sophisticated playful and uniquely colorful. His paintings are in private collections in the United States as well as International collections in Geneva, Frankfurt, Prague, Seville, and Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by Kandinsky, De Kooning, Matta and Gorkey, Mr. Bording describes his workas abstract Expressionism. “My intention in making these paintings is to create something where nothing existed before.” He has maintained a private studio in San Francisco and been a member of SOMA Artist Studios since 1995.


2002 University of California, Advanced Painting San Francisco Art Institute, Painting 1992 Bachelor of Arts, Skidmore College New York, Sarasota Springs, N.Y 1987-1989 University of North Florida, Fla. Enrolled in the BFA program.


2004 Artist of the Western United States Publisher Alcove Publishers


Art is life, life is Art. Eons have passed since someone picked up a burnt stick and rubbed it against the wall of a cave. Man’s fascination with art has not changed, only the materials. My art is about the act of engagement. Engagement between the artist and the blank canvas and what happens during this process. The artist experiences the full range of human emotion, including doubt, fear, envy and if one is successful a sense of joy and fulfillment. Art is nothing without a viewer. My intention is to create an interaction between the viewer and the art, perhaps to have him or her stop, move closer and have an emotional response to the painting. My work uses line, color, accidents etc. to create images that have no basis in reality. I prefer to have the viewer “interpret” the images for [...]

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