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I love to paint the landscapes of the Northwest because it is there, surrounded by beauty, that I am truly inspired to paint. It is my desire to capture on canvas and convey to my viewers the sentiments that I experience in the beautiful Northwest--wonder, awe, peacefulness, and tranquility.  I enjoy painting well known scenic attractions, but I also love lesser known, out-of-the-way places where the beauty is equally spectacular.  My favorite compositions are scenic landscapes, waterscapes, and reflections; and I also enjoy painting rural landscapes, rustic buildings that are treasures of the past, and flowers.  

At a very young age I learned to appreciate the beauty of God`s creations--mountains adorned with glorious foliage or shrouded in morning fog, sunrises and sunsets, unusual tree shapes, rolling hills and country trails, fields of bluebonnets, dew on the roses--and I attempted to capture everything on film. 

Later I learned to express my love for nature on canvas, and I fell in love with painting.  Currently my primary medium is watercolor, although I also enjoy painting in acrylics and oils.  I love to work with watercolors because they blend so easily, as if they are almost magic.  And when I see a picturesque landscape, I immediately envision how it could be painted with watercolors. 

I hope you enjoy the tour of my website. Please call me at 405-495-6179 or contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.  I would love to hear from you.  

Lou Dennard

Formal study and workshops under well known artists in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, and Wyoming, augmented by continuous, focused self study and workshops.

Oklahoma Watercolor Association
Mid-Del Art Guild (Oklahoma)


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