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My first experience with visual arts was a class at our local Art Institute in Dayton, Ohio when I was about 8 years old. I fondly remember carving bars of Ivory soap. I was the oldest and only girl in my family with 4 children. I developed an early interest in science and math, not an auspicious way to pursue a career in painting. Now my right brain demands to be heard on a daily basis.
Starting with lessons in watercolor and acrylics, I finally settled on oils as my favorite medium. I love their texture and the infinite colors that can be mixed. I also developed an appreciation for the classical methods of learning and painting at the Seattle Academy of Fine Arts during a 6 month sabbatical and have continued that direction with lessons from a classical teacher artist in Anchorage. I am anxious to share the excitement I experience in my views of nature.
I most enjoy painting in a loose realistic style that captures the truth of my subject, but conveys my own reaction to it with my chosen colors and brush strokes. The many greens and blues with the our cool northern light provide much inspiration and challenge for me and have led me to the joy of plein air painting. Many of my hobbies, including birding, camping, and hiking, take me outdoors and lead to ideas for painting subjects


Louann Feldmann began to explore her interest in painting 35 years ago and has benefited by multiple classes and workshops taught by local and internationally renowned artists, as well as a 6 month sabbatical at the Seattle Academy of Fine Arts in 2003-2004 where she developed an appreciation for the classical methods of learning and painting. She has continued that training in classes by Diann Haist, an international classical painter and teacher, and works primarily in oils.
She began painting with watercolors and acrylics, now painting primarily in oils in a loose realistic style. She strives to portray her subjects accurately while using color and brush strokes to express her enthusiasm for the subject. Natural scenes with the unique lighting of the far north provide her greatest source of inspiration, and she has discovered the special joys and challenges of painting outside.
She is a member of the Alaska Artistsí Guild and Plein Air Painters of Southcentral Alaska. Her paintings hang in collections locally and nationally. She lives with her husband in Anchorage, Alaska. [...]

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