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Cell phones

It can be a big, noisy world but it doesn't have to be a noisy castle.  You want Home to be your sanctuary; to reflect your taste and where you can turn the volume down a little.  Your home, your rules.    
Original artwork is an investment and you arent looking for the newest trend but a lasting vision.  You find yourself gravitating towards timeless elegance.  Tranquil sophistication.
These are the thoughts I have as I'm painting.  I quiet the composition.  I reduce the noise.  It's what I feel called to do.   
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A little backstory :
My home is a small farm nestled at the base of the Cascade foothills in Washington state where I spend my time painting in my cozy studio and go for the occasional horseback ride.  
Growing up on a small farm likely influenced my appreciation of tranquil settings and intimate nooks which in turn, influenced the peaceful nature of my paintings. 

My Studio 
A Peek at the Process:
I begin by setting up the still life arrangement with lights for cast shadows to best illustrate a concept. As I'm painting I push the light and shadow for effect. Whether it's dramatic light, atmosphere, or both, if I haven't overplayed it, it's not done. This is where I take "artistic license" to its fullest degree of definition - keeping within the confines of representational art.
 Serendipity (SOLD) 
When it's all said and done :
This artwork sets the tone for any room. Whether in a dining room, family room, bedroom or den, once on the wall it creates a quiet, intimate setting. Quietly elegant and respectful of your space. Heirloom pieces to pass on to future generations.Go ahead, put the cell phone down for a few minutes. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and take in the day. 
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