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Lori started painting at eight years of age, when she began formal art instruction. Being an Artist had become her calling in life. As a young adult she was mentored by renowned artist Gustav Trois, in Silver Spring, MD, for nearly 20 years. She developed her unique style in painting with oils, acrylics,  watercolors, and pastels. Later she studied with Laura Bell in Tallahassee, FL. Each mentor has taught her the value of looking beyond the box. Lori has been tireless in her pursuit of learning new techniques and taking new directions in her work, with colors, shape, and dimension taking on new, enlightened meaning. Through study of light, color, and composition she conveys and achieves a certain mood and message. An accomplished artist, she has received numerous awards and recognition,
Lori currently resides with her husband in Madeira Beach FL, within a short walk of its beautiful beaches. The town and surrounding areas provide a vast amount of subject matter that inspires her and that she expresses through her painting. Complementing her art have been many careers that include being a florist, tile/marble installer, owner of a commercial painting company, acclaimed professional clown and magician, and medical assistant. She has three children and four grandchildren.
Lori currently studies oil painting with Suzanne Murphy, of Open Sky Studio in Tarpon Springs, FL. She is a member of Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Beach Art Center (Indian Rocks, FL) and Pinellas Park Art Society.  
Over many many years of evolving as an artist, take notice in Lori's portfolio, she includes many intriguing subjects and styles.
Take a peak and enjoy!
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