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I've had an art writing and painting career that has far exceeded any dreams or expectations I had. As a writer for art publications, and an artist who also has sold her work through galleries, outdoor shows and my website - I can honestly say that I've had a satisfying career.
Perhaps the part that I've enjoyed most is meeting other artists at events and workshops. Writing for American Artist Publications and Fine Art Studio Online's Fine Art Views' newsletter has opened many doors for me professionally. I'm grateful to the people who who gave me the opportunity to work for them... mostly Steve Doherty and Clint Watson.
I'm also grateful for the many painting mentors who've given me the knowledge and skill to advance with my art. The two that come to mind first are Sondra Freckelton and Dorothy Vorhees for getting me started and "back to" watercolor. I've learned so much more by studying with individual artists than I ever did in college art school. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed college and living on campus at the University of Arizona. Through Facebook, I'm engaging with my college buddies today.
As a member of the Putney Painters (lead by Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik), even more doors were opened. Richard taught artistic concepts in a way that could include any style I pursued. Richard was educated by the illustrators of the 20th century. He had amazing mentors in his teacher Mosby and opportunities as his work was recognized by those who were well connected with the art world while Richard was yet a young artist. He has been gracious to pass on everything he's learned and practiced to a handful of artists - one of those groups of artist is the Putney Painters. I am grateful to both Richard and Nancy for their [...]

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