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Hello new friend, I’m Lori Franklin, originally from Big Sky Country, currently living in woodsy northern Minnesota. My artwork is a personal expression of the magic I find while lollygagging in and photographing nature. Let me tell you, lollygagging is an underrated, yet supremely important activity when beholding the natural world. It requires nothing but to move slowly or perhaps not move at all. In order to pay attention, one MUST lollygag, because how else can nature replenish the elusive child-like wonder that arrives beautifully wrapped up as astonishment? 
My paintings are composed from authentic but colorfully re-imagined subjects and settings rendered from some of the most profound times astonishment dropped in on me.
My inspiration is woven from cosmic curiosity combined with memories of Montana and Minnesota, West and Midwest. Mountains and sage, bighorn sheep and beargrass, hollyhocks and sunflowers, my father’s wisdom and his (still operating) bison ranch, loons and river trout, forest beings and songbirds, sacred trees and northern lights, sun dancing on Lake Superior and Santa Fe starry nights. Mingled with winks from Charlie Russell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Muir, Walt Disney and Peter Max, it becomes crystal clear that joyful color and nature are the recurring themes. 
People say my art makes them happy, and that’s the biggest compliment I could imagine. If my art brings a smile, bestows cheer and benevolence, or reignites child-like wonder, it deepens my wellspring of inspiration, thereby teaching me a lesson of creative reciprocity in a most wonderful and elegant manner.

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