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For most of her adult life, Loriís focus was on business rather than art. Lori worked as a legal secretary in New York. Her life changed in 1987 when she moved from New York City, to a small rural town known for its vibrant art scene, called Ojai, in Southern California. Lori spent her childhood years drawing and painting with acrylics and colored pencils. Lori first discovered pastels while attending the I-Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara in 2001. Her husband, Roy, bought Lori her first set of pastels at this show. This started her quest to learn everything she could about the fine art medium of pastel. While she was still working a full time career, she started researching pastel techniques and painting with pastel. A couple of years later, Lori was fortunate to meet and study with Master Pastelist, Bert Collins. Lori attributes much of her early success in refining her skills to her years of mentoring with Bert. Lori has since then studied with additional Master Artists in order to develop and refine her own personal style of impressionistic and contemporary abstract designs.Lori continued to refine her pastel skills while achieving accolades as a nationally rated top producer in the financial industry, and prepared for the day when she would become a full time artist. That day arrived sooner than expected in 2007, when the financial markets crashed. She resigned from her position to start her new career as a full time Artist. Her art business took off and continues to flourish each year since then and she has found her business background to be a valuable asset in managing her art career.Traveling and hiking with her husband Roy, who is also an artist, serves as an inspiration for her artistic expression. They travel together in [...]

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