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Ever since I can remember, I loved reading Bible stories, Christian based fiction and looking at Christian based art.  As I child, I focused on reading the stories that had the best pictures.
For whatever reason, God has blessed me with many talents and interests.  I have had several careers (maybe He also gave me a short attention span??)  and college majors - music, psychology, counseling and industrial engineering.  Art per se, was not an active part of my life although I met my best friend in the 3rd grade by impressing her with my drawings of horses - we were both horse crazy girls.  But I was never serious about art and focused my creative energies on music and cooking.  Later on, when I became a fitness franchise owner, I became a serious student of marketing.
Fast forward to 1998 when I married my husband Jim Johnson, who was a part time professional photographer (www.jhjphoto.com).  As I observed him and learned some aspects of the photography business, I was drawn to the creative possibilities and around 2005, I became his assistant.  I started learning photoshop and then fell in love with Corel Painter and the possibilities of digital art.
However, I was frustrated because I had no art education at all, other than 1 semester in the 7th grade, from which the only content I remember was about perspective.  I could still draw a recognizable horse but that was about it.
I had met Sherry Huntting (www.sherryhuntting.com) many years ago and liked the classical realism style that she taught so in April of 2010, I began attending her studio once a week for about 3 hours.   The plan was to learn some principles of art so I could apply them to digital painting.
During the first 6 weeks, Sherry taught me some rudimentary drawing principles and [...]

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