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CRITIQUES:January - March 2017:  BuyRVAart.com: "Anything Goes" on line exhibition.  First Place winner with "Serenity," 40 x 44 Oil
November 14, 2012:  Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA:Second Place: “After the Harvest,” by Lois Shipley, oil on canvas. "An eye attracting landscape, this piece shows a masterful handling of the medium, and a sound composition that leads the viewer through the painting. The simple farmhouse bespeaks an American vineyard." — Eleanor Cox, juror"Captain Malc's"- January 2011:  Crossroads Art Center, RVA: - Honorable Mention, All Media Show; April 2011: The Montpelier Center, National Juried Exhibition, Second Place; 2013: Bay School, Mathews, VA,  "Art Speaks on the Bay", Honorable Mention.June 2009:  James River Art League Annual Judged Show at the James Center, Richmond, VA:Special Mention: "Finding Beauty Where You Can,"  by Lois Shipley, oil on canvas. "The choice of subject matter and how it is cropped make this painting very interesting.  Several things contribute to its abstraction from the urban landscape:  the dominant, "pushed" primary and secondary colors and the vibration between color complements; the play of shapes - squares, rectangles, triangles; and the flattening of perspective.  Lois has made a bold statement with the title and has backed it up by turning this scene of industrial architecture into a beautiful painting." - Ann Chenowith, judge


Some have asked me why I paint landscapes.  I think it's because it is a snapshot of a moment in time.  It hasn't been arranged or contrived.  The only special lighting is what nature has provided.  Just like truth can sometimes be more interesting than fiction, nature, to me, is much more interesting and beautiful than the world of man.

However, my paintings often reveal that a landscape was touched by man, because how can it not be!  Even if it’s only a dirt road carving its way through a field or forest. I am intrigued by how nature may take something man has made and adds her own artistic touch of a patina or rust or weathered board.  Old buildings being reclaimed by nature are often an inspiration for my paintings.  The textures and shapes offer so much to play with!
The paintings on this page are currently at Glenmore Yoga Center in Richmond.
Lois is a graduate from Shepherd University with a Bachelor degree in Art Education.  Before retirement, she was employed by The Montpelier Center for Arts & Education, first as Executive Director, and more recently as Art Gallery Director.  Lois is an exhibiting member of James River Art League in Richmond, and currently serves on their Board as the Crossroads Art Center Gallery Chair.  She is also a member of Virginia Plein Air Painters.

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