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Lois has vivid recollections of her early interest in self-expression through the world of art. That early interest matured but was side-lined by her career and the raising of her three children.
She started painting primarily with watercolor and has added a combination of watercolor and acrylic to her work, gaining skills from her association with noted artists Pat Dews, Don Andrews, Ratindra Das and Robert Burridge to name a few.
Her travels throughout the United States, Europe and South America have had a great influence on her art. Several years ago she had the opportunity to fly over the glaciers, peaks and waters of Alaska in a small airplane. That short flight triggered an epiphany, an “aha” moment. From that plane, she saw the world as an interplay of geometric shapes filled with moving light and color. From that experience of her observations, a new expanded perspective became reflected in her work. The evolution of her freedom of expression paralleled growth and awareness through art.
Lois’s representational paintings are of innovative floral designs and interpretive landscapes which capture the world as it is. Her paintings exude a vibrant quality reflecting color, shape and design. Her abstract paintings, which are a combination of watercolor and acrylic, capture and imitate the workings of the mind with visions of the past, present and future. Her completed work relies upon each of its elements. Balance is required in the presence of every shape contained within the entity and must dominate or else the work fails.
Lois has received numerous area and national awards and has been juried into many international shows. Her painting “Mostly Pinks” was selected as a permanent featured exhibit in Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ. Her uplifting commentary of the inspiration for that painting describing her personal journey and her celebration of life [...]

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