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Lloyd Zelmar Crow was born in 1943 in Southern California, and raised in the relatively small farming and ranching community of Chino on a “ranchette” that included a menagerie of one horse, cows, chickens, and game birds.
Lloyd’s father and mother worked full time, often late in the evenings, so the responsibility of “supervising” his younger siblings, cooking meals, cleaning house, and other chores fell on his shoulders.  From this he found solace and joy spending time alone exploring the nearby hills soaking up the sounds, smells and the “feeling” of the land and wildlife, honing his observational skills, … and an independent attitude.
His desire as a young teenager was to become an artist working for Disney, but his parents, close relatives, and school counselor discouraged him from this “impractical dream”!  Each encouraged him to become the person they imagined he had the potential to succeed as, … teacher, lawyer, veterinarian, or dentist.  Yes,  his family physician tried to persuade him toward the thrills of staring days on end into the mouths of patients who would rather be anywhere else than in his company.
So, he became a frustrated teacher for a few years, a frustrated advertising business owner for a short spell, a successful, but frustrated general contractor for a few years, and finally a very frustrated insurance adjustor for many years,  all to provide a living and security for his loving wife and children.
During recent years Lloyd began again to pursue his avocation of art.  He has taken art classes at University of Alaska Anchorage, and spent vacations in Taos, New Mexico taking classes at the Fechin Institute from noted artist/teachers, including David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, and Dan Gerhartz, among others.
Lloyd’s beloved wife of 48 years passed away in 2013 after a seven year battle with cancer.  He embraced his art [...]

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