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Lynn’s desire to share the beauty of life through art began in her childhood.   As a self-taught artist inspired by the old masters, Lynn began drawing and then transforming her work with the use of color and boldness.   In her early years, the artists who most inspired Lynn were Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.   
Determined to learn all she could about painting with various mediums and to refine her natural artistic abilities, Lynn Morgan has traversed a lifetime journey of study, practice, and perseverance.   There have been times when she has put down her brushes only to be drawn back again and again.  Lynn’s love of the Southwest and the American Indians inspires her to bring life to her canvas and paper.  
Now retired, Lynn now lives in Green Valley, Arizona.  When traveling, Lynn always has her camera in hand to capture scenes which will be edited, sketched and then painted in her studio at home.  
Lynn Morgan believes that art is a true gift from God and should be shared with others. 
 “What is done with love is well done."
 -Vincent Van Gogh
Superintendent - Yuma County Fair Fine Arts - 2014 to 2019
Secretary - Desert Artists of Yuma - 2017 to 2020
Superintendent - Artisans' Guild - Wellton-Mohawk Fine Arts & Historical Association - 2016 to 2020
Member of Escondido Artist Assocation, Escondido CA - 2008 to 2011
Member of Desert Artists of Yuma, Yuma AZ - 2011 to 2020
Member of Mountain Shadows Artist Association, Yuma AZ - 2011 to 2020
Member and a Founder of the Artisans Guild of Wellton Mohawk Fine Arts, Wellton AZ - 2016 to 2020


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