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The Artist Says:

"I've always thought that I must have ASD (Attention Surplus Disorder) as I am easily distracted by all the details in my natural surroundings.  And as long as they continue to provide the refuge of inspiration and joy, I guess I'm OK with that!"

Other Artists Say:

"Liz's work creates an environment that is life affirming.  It has a sanity that our current world so often lacks.  It harkens to the fundamentals of life and doing so provides a counterpoint to the celebrity and technologically-obsessed place that we have come to know as the 'real world".  ~ Tom Hoffman


Most artists find it difficult to sum up in a few words what it is that makes them tick.  I am no exception.   I've always been able to lose myself in my natural surroundings, absorbing the intricacies of natural objects, being awestruck by flowers or skies, or mesmerized by the movement of water.  These are the gifts that sustain me on a daily basis.
Whether my subject is an expansive landscape or an extreme close-up, it is frequently the color that draws me in.  But the quality of the light and shadows, the patterns and the details all work together to tell a story and capture a fleeting moment.  Working from my own photos and scribbled or mental notes, images take shape with the aid of my computer, color pencils and my imagination.  Once I've worked out the idea on paper, I lay down what I call "the bones" of the image on canvas and gradually add details until it feels complete.  I love the richness of color that oils provide and the flexibility of blending slow-drying paint directly on the surface.
My artwork is my means of escaping the "noise" of modern life, and a way for me to celebrate and honor the vanishing wonders around me.  There are no hidden meanings or deep, philosophical stories to figure out in my work.  It is instead detailed depictions of uncomplicated moments in time.  By sharing my vision I hope to encourage viewers to take the time to foster that invaluable connection in their own lives.

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