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Liz Peveto grew up in a small town in Louisiana with a family of creative people.  She did not have access to art classes, but always enjoyed drawing and being creative.  While living in Houston, Texas as an adult where she could develop her drawing skills from many noted artist, such as Bernice Brown, Mary Price, Lajos Markos, Frederick Taubes, John Balm, she advanced her knowledge under their influences.  Leaving Houston to live in Stavanger, Norway opened even more opportunity to expand her desire to create art in new media and new places at the Rogaland University in Stavanger.
In recent years she has taken classes at the Scottsdale Artist School with Tom Browning, David Leffel at the Loveland Academy and workshops with Ben Konis.   Gay Faulkenberry, J. Chris Morel and Tim Diebler aroused her interest in En Plein Air classes with them.  Liz has especially enjoyed classes with C. W. Mundy at the Fredericksburg Art School and in Tuscaloosa, Alabama workshop.  She refreshed that enjoyment in painting with C. W. Mundy in May, 2013 in Fredericksburg, Texas.
The many years of travel and meeting new people and experiencing new places has given her unique paintings of the places and faces she finds inspiring to work into paintings.  Her theme has become, "Painting Places and Faces in the World".  In 2008 she traveled to the Arctic Circle to see the declining Polar Bear population and the effects of warming climates.  She took a cruise to Nova Scotia to see where her French ancestors came from and hear the history of the Titanic sinking off the coast of Nova Scotia.  In 2009 she went to see the glaciers of Alaska along with the amazing wildlife that live there.  Year 2010 brought her opportunity to travel to the North Pole in July and to the South Pole in October.  For Liz,the [...]

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