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Liz Friel paints an Elysium, an ethereal paradise through a minimalist abstract composition of acrylic color and mixed polymers on canvas or board. Details in a fleeting moment, memory and emotion. Many layers of overlapping tertiary colors and soft texture offer luminous beauty and a heaven-like perception. Her current series is focused on coastal environments and seascapes. Her artwork has always been consistent in trying to capture light, space and time, whether it was in photography, design or abstract painting. Her painting process is an act of meditation.
Liz resides with her husband, artist D.Friel, and two children in South Florida where she creates at her independent studio and assists in running their business, www.ConnectedByWater.com
About her work...
During early college, in my experimental photography phase, I came across the meaning of ‘Elysium". It’s always stuck with me. Elysium is derived mainly from Greek mythology. It refers to the gathering of heroic or elite souls in a paradise. It is only for the best at their skill or having died of heroic acts. It relates to the underworld. A paradise for afterlife. It is said to be of the utmost beauty with the sun always shining. Elysium is a blessed, sacred, and ethereal world. There are slight differences in historical meaning and references for 'Elysium', such as Classical Literature and Greek Mythology. Sometimes also referred to as ‘Elysian Fields’.
However, my usage refers simply to painting paradise (Elysium) with light, space, composition and color. Aiming to keep one staring into its luminous beauty and heaven-like perception. 
~ Liz Friel
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